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You are visiting the one of the biggest music collectors of Jennifer Lopez on the web. Here you will find presumably the most definitive Jennifer Lopez discography Collection. I have set out to provide the most accurate descriptions as possible for every item (both written and visual) to aid in understanding the minute differences between various countries’ releases. Promotional item sections are rarest items known (and some not known until recently) to exist! This site is always growing as new items are released and discovered and very soon will contain some new sections regarding other official 'non-audio' Jennifer Lopez items.

This site is not affiliated with Sony Music, Epic, Island Records, Def Jam, Universal, and Capitol Records / Fan Sites or other Jennifer Lopez Media Sites in any way. The site is made by myself for collectors. My goal is to provide the biggest online catalog of official Jennifer Lopez items on the World Wide Web to use as a reference for collectors.

I am striving to have the best site I can achieve. If you find any item you own missing from the discography and will like to make a sale to me, free to contact me and please remember contributing scans/photos and a description.

(We are working toward completion; as the site just went online, we have many items yet to be added.)

And most of all – Thank you for visiting the site, thank you to all the contributors, and a very special thanks to Jennifer Lopez for inspiring me…because she is the essence of all of this.

How It Works? is based on a proprietary and cooperative hand-made engine made by that allows me to share images, info and experiences related to official Jennifer Lopez Music.

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The site you are visiting is the result of more than a 10+ years of hard work and dedication
The images on this site are also not here for use in helping to sell items on Ebay or other auction sites. Please do not take anything from this web site without consent from Me. Use the contact form to ask for it. - Thank you!

Missing Info On item?
If I am Missing info or track is not spell right please feel free to contact me and I will summit any new edits to the catalog.

Some items on this catalog are not official release. You ask why we host them? Well we host the item and we state them as UNOFFICIAL any item that is not clear by the actual record company or the author of the released we will mark as UNOFFICIAL this will help our collectors know witch items are official.


I work hard for all my items that I pay for, from the money that i work hard to get, nothing is given to me or made by me, and all items come from sellers around the world. If for any reason you see an item that  needs better clarification please CONTCT me. I will not be told how to run my site, however if you feel something needs better clarification then recommendations will be taken into consideration, any attitude or rude remarks  you can direct it elsewhere.

I welcome recommendations from fans of Jennifer Lopez, I will not give into drama, this site is created in good faith, if you are not a Jennifer Lopez Fan and you don't like her, Please GET LOST this is not for you and was not intended for you. 


PS. English is not My first Languge, So please Forgive any erros.


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