On the 6 : is the debut studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released June 1, 1999, by the Work Group. Beginning her career in musical theater, Lopez re-entered the music scene with her portrayal of the title role in Selena (1997). The role inspired her to launch a career in music; critics deemed it risky, noting that failure would be embarrassing and could damage her career. Lopez worked with several producers on the album, including Rodney Jerkins, Cory Rooney, Dan Shea and her boyfriend at the time, rapper and record producer Sean Combs.

Singles from On the 6

1. "If You Had My Love"  Released: May 4, 1999

2. "No Me Ames" Released: May 11, 1999

3."Waiting for Tonight" Released: November 15, 1999

4."Feelin' So Good" Released: January 25, 2000

5. "Let's Get Loud" Released: June 9, 2000

J.Lo: is the second studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on January 22, 2001, by Epic Records. The follow-up to her commercially successful debut On the 6 (1999), Lopez had more creative control over J.Lo, which was aptly titled by the nickname her fans gave her. She described it as a homage to her fans in appreciation of their support. In mid-2000, Lopez began recording the album under its working title The Passionate Journey, using more of her own personal experiences as inspiration for its lyrics. Unlike On the 6, the album was predominantly Pop music, with Latin and R&B influences. Musically, it also included 80's inspired retro pop, dance-pop, Latin pop and ballads. For the album, Lopez worked with Cory Rooney, Troy Oliver, Dan Shea and her boyfriend at the time Sean Combs, who all contributed to her debut effort.

Singles from J.Lo

1. "Love Don't Cost a Thing" Released: January 8, 2001

2. "Play" Released: April 17, 2001

3. "Ain't It Funny" Released: June 20, 2001

4. "I'm Real" Released: September 4, 2001

J to tha L–O! The Remixes: is a remix album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released February 5, 2002, by Epic Records. The album contains remixes from her first two studio albums: On the 6 (1999) and J.Lo (2001). Featured artists on J to tha L-O! The Remixes included P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Ashanti and Nas, and the album included rare dance and hip hop remixes of past singles. The album was her second to feature a Parental Advisory.

Singles from J to tha L–O! The Remixes

1. "Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)" Released: March 4, 2002

2. "Alive" Released: May 21, 2002

3. "I'm Gonna Be Alright" Released: July 1, 2002

4. "Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix)" Relesed: 2002 (Blue Vinyl Format)

This Is Me... Then:  is the third studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on November 25, 2002, by Epic Records. Prior to its release, Lopez began a high-profile relationship with director and actor Ben Affleck, and a media circus ensued. The entertainer's relationship with Affleck served as her main inspiration for the album, which is dedicated to him. Initially scheduled to be released the following year, This Is Me... Then's release date was quickly pushed forward after its lead single, the notorious "Jenny from the Block", was leaked online.
For the album's recording, Lopez once again recruited Cory Rooney, Troy Oliver and Dan Shea, who had all collaborated with her before. She decided to shift away from a pure dance-pop to more of an adult R&B and soul sound, influenced by soul music from the 1970s, the music she grew up listening to. The record's throwback material was integrated with mainstream hip-hop and pop music. During its production, Lopez was influenced greatly by works of Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder among others. The album's lyrics primarily focused on her love for Affleck, but other subjects including her humble introspective and former lovers were visited.

Singles from This Is Me... Then

1. "Jenny from the Block" Released: September 26, 2002

2. "All I Have" Released: December 2002

3. "I'm Glad" Released: April 8, 2003

4. "Baby I Love U!" Released: August 3, 2003

The Reel Me: is a remix and music video compilation album by American entertainer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on November 18, 2003 by Epic Records.

Special Tracks:

1. Baby I Love You (R-Kelly Remix) 

2. The One (Bastone & Burnz Club Mix)

3. All I Have (Ignorants Remix)

4. International Bonus : I'm Glad (big brovaz mix)


Rebirth:  is the fourth studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on February 28, 2005, by Epic Records. Following the release of her third studio album This Is Me... Then (2002) which was dedicated to her fiance at the time Ben Affleck, Lopez decided to focus on her film career. Soon, her courtship with Affleck ended and Lopez took a break from her career, which had been on a "roller-coaster" ride since her first album On the 6 (1999). During this time, she married fellow Hispanic recording artist Marc Anthony, and began telling the media that she was entering "phase two" of her life, feeling like she had a new beginning.

Singles from Rebirth

1, "Get Right" Released: January 4, 2005

2. "Hold You Down" Released: February 15, 2005

Other Countries Held Privite singles such as "Cherry Pie" but never made it to actual singles. 

Como Ama una Mujer:  is the fifth studio album by American entertainer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on March 23, 2007 by Epic Records. The album received generally mixed to some positive reviews, critics deemed this album vocally superior her previous ones, however others questioned a lack of highlights within Como Ama una mujer.

Singles from Como Ama una Mujer

1. "Qué Hiciste" Released: January 26, 2007

2. "Me Haces Falta" Released: March 23, 2007

Promo Only Video of Jennifer Lopez Feat. Marc Anthony "Por Arriesgarnos"

Live Perfomance of the song "Por Que Te Marchas" English Verson of this song on "Rebirth album. 

Brave: is the sixth studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on October 4, 2007, by Epic Records.

Singles from Brave

1. "Do It Well" Released: August 19, 2007

2."Hold It Don't Drop It" Released: January 11, 2008

3. "Brave" Also released in Promo CDr Never made it to single. Rumors: Video of song that was never released.

4. "Mile in these Shoes" was a Promo for "Desperate Housewives" 

Love? : is the seventh studio album by American entertainer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on April 29, 2011, by Island Records. Produced during the pregnancy of her twins Emme and Max, Love? is Lopez's most personal album to date, taking inspiration from the birth of her twins and her own experiences with love. Recording for the album began in 2009, with an original release date for the project set for January 2010 by Epic Records to coincide with Lopez's latest film The Back-up Plan. However following the lack of success with lead single "Louboutins", Lopez and Sony Music Entertainment decided to depart from the Label, leaving the fate of Love? in uncertainty.In 2010, Lopez signed a new record deal with Island Records, allowingproceedings for the release to be kept. The album includes a mixture of previously recorded material which leaked online in 2009 and 2010 during recording sessions, along with new songs with Tricky Stewart, The-Dream and RedOne commissioned by Island Records. Lopez refers to Love? as containing her best vocals to date.

Singles from Love?

1. "On the Floor" Released: February 8, 2011

2. "I'm Into You" Released: April 26, 2011

3. "Papi" Released: September 27, 2011

4. "Good Hit" Was Released as a Buzz Single. 

Dance Again... the Hits : is the first greatest hits album of American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on July 17, 2012, by Epic Records, to coincide with the launch of her first world tour, the Dance Again World Tour. Lopez previously conceived plans for a greatest hits album in 2009, but instead opted to use the material recorded for her seventh studio album, Love?, which was released by Island Records in May 2011 after her departure from Epic Records in 2010. As Lopez owed the label one last album to fulfill her contract, she began work on a new greatest hits album in November 2011. She later became unsure whether she wanted to release a greatest hits album or a new studio album, eventually deciding on the former.

Singles from Dance Again... the Hits

1. "Dance Again" Released: April 2, 2012

2. "Goin' In" Released: June 8, 2012  for the soundtrack of Step Up Revolution. Single Released By Island and Add it to the Greates hits "Dance Again" By Epic Records.  

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